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The hardest thing you’ll ever do at the gym is walk in the door.

- Creating a Stronger, Fitter, Healthier Version of YOU -

With expert fitness and nutrition coaching exercising and eating right has never been easier. Our coaches work closely with you to set goals and outline a realistic plan to get there. You’ll re-establish your body’s natural movement patterns and work to build a foundation of fitness - in just a few weeks, you’ll feel stronger and leaner with more energy to take on new challenges. It’s never too late to get in the best shape of your life and women just like you are changing their lives!

Burn Fat. Beat Stress. Feel Amazing!
Our workouts are designed for women who want to be fit and healthy
to enjoy the best years of their lives

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You won't find any typical fitness programs here. We offer personalized versatile programs designed to fit your needs, your goals and your physical abilities. Exercises that help beat stress and boost your mood, help your heart, increase your range of motion are an essential part of your journey to a stronger, healthier you. No matter where you’re starting from, women of all ages and fitness levels have transformed their health and bodies and YOU can too! More About Our Fitness Programs...

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Doesn’t it seem like when you’re on a diet you’re constantly fighting the urge to eat because you’re hungry all the time? It’s next to impossible to stick to any diet when your favorite foods are off limits and all you can think about is when you can eat again. We'll teach you how to NOT diet, by making simple, easy lifestyle changes and enjoy eating delicious, satisfying meals while you lose weight and feel great!
More About Health Coaching & Nutrition Classes...

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Meet some of the amazing women who have transformed their lives and bodies at Personal Best Fitness. These slim, strong role models didn’t starve themselves, spend time counting calories or spent countless hours on the cardio deck at the gym. Exercise and nutrition can work wonders for your health, your mind, body and soul - and every one of our members are living proof of that. They did it, and so can you!  Read More: Real Life Success Stories...


We believe that we are the best gym in town, but talk is cheap. We invite you to sample our group exercise classes, meet with our team and learn about our equipment and fitness philosophy.

At the end of the trial, if we haven't earned your business, then we don't deserve to have you as a member

No matter where you’re starting from, women of all ages and fitness levels have transformed their health and bodies - and YOU can too!


Joyce: Experience Individualized Fitness

I love the outdoors, but after years of golfing, skiing, hiking and playing tennis, I started feeling like a pretzel…. all twisted up. Pushing myself to the limit –it’s what I do, but some days it was hard just getting out of bed in the morning. That’s when I knew I had to do more…

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Barbara: Everything in Life Has a Price

It wasn’t supposed to happen to me; I mean I was doing everything right… or at least I thought I was. I went to my doctor for regular checkups and I was eating a healthy diet. But then one day something felt different. So I called my doctor and made an appointment. When he said…

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Donna B. – Enjoy What You Eat!

Before I joined Personal Best Fitness, I believed that to lose weight- I had to drastically cut calories & restrict my portions. But at Personal Best Fitness they don’t believe in dieting; they believe in helping you learn how to lose weight the healthy way – Real food balanced carefully to provide your body with…

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Donna: You Are Not Alone

My husband and I have been married for 40 years; I guess you could say that we’re comfortable with each other. I wish I could say the same thing about my relationship with my jeans. That’s when I realized that I’ve been digging into the chip bag and sitting on the couch a little too…

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Alana: Don’t Settle for Average!

I’ll admit it – I love being a girly girl! But inside of me lives a woman who is fierce, bold, confident and strong. Every day I exercise and eat right because being healthy is important to me. Being a professional musician makes a lot of demands on me physically and mentally. I have to…

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Jane: It’s Never Too Late

I’m a wife, mother and grandmother, but I’m also an avid skier, gardener and I love to travel the world. To do all this, I need to give my body the attention it deserves; that’s why I eat right, get plenty of sleep and exercise at Personal Best Fitness. Sure, there are days when I…

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Mary Schoepe

- Inspiration -
Mary Schoepe

I am a wife, mother to one incredible son, certified holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, fitness expert, writer and owner of Better You Fitness. As a 21 year plus veteran of the health and fitness industry, I have helped thousands of people take off unwanted pounds by using the non-traditional methods described in my book "Stop Dieting, Start Getting Healthy".

I have appeared on the local affiliates of ABC, NBC and CBS across the country, offering health advice to men and women, as well as on radio and in print media.

Even though I’m not a doctor or biochemist, I have earned numerous nutrition and fitness certifications and have attended hundreds of hours of workshops and seminars across the country. Read more

Are you a woman who has struggled with weight all your life or has the weight gradually crept up on you?

Are you finding that it is easy to gain but really hard to lose weight, and that one meal where you go overboard is enough to ruin a week’s (or longer) discipline and deprivation?

Have you tried to lose weight but no matter what you do your body holds on to the weight?

Do you feel like every thought is about what you can’t eat and how that’s “not on my diet”?

Do you feel constantly obsessed about and deprived of the freedom of just being able to eat without having to think about every morsel you put in your mouth?

If you are like me, you have lost weight a lot of times only to find it creep back on. And you have clothes from skinny to fat sizes that you don’t throw away because once you’ve lost the weight you’re afraid that you’ll need those fat clothes again.

Then this is THE book for you. It is not a new diet, a miracle eating plan or a formula that will magically transform you. It's a straightforward, honest guide that will teach you how to NOT diet, by making simple, easy lifestyle changes and enjoy eating delicious, satisfying meals while you lose weight and feel great!

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Why Us? Everything Changes After 40... We Understand That!

You want to be fit but traditional fitness clubs have let you down and working out in front of the TV is uninspiring.
At Personal Best Fitness, we stand out from the rest because we understand that everything changes after 40.

We put your time and energy to good use! To look and feel your best you need to re-vamp your lifestyle.
That’s where our power-packed nutrition and health boosting exercise programs come in to play.

Based on the latest exercise science we will design a personal strength, cardio and nutrition program precisely tailored to your body and busy lifestyle.
Our coaches lead you through every workout, motivating you every step of the way.

We understand how difficult it is to commit to fitness; With no obligation you can sample our classes and programs, and meet our amazing staff and your
fellow members who will motivate you and contribute to your fitness success!


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