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Are You a Honey Badger?

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Honey Badgers are stocky, robust and ferocious animals that are the “most fearless animal in the world”. It’s most admirable traits are fearlessness and persistence. Just how fearless are they? If you were bitten by a cobra, its poisonous venom will melt your flesh and you will die.…

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Alana: Don’t Settle for Average!


I’ll admit it – I love being a girly girl! But inside of me lives a woman who is fierce, bold, confident and strong. Every day I exercise and eat right because being healthy is important to me. Being a professional musician makes a lot of demands on me physically and mentally. I have to…

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Heartburn? Natural Treatments for Acid Reflux

My husband has a pretty good appetite, but lately he’s been complaining of heartburn and feeling “full” after eating only a few bites. And he felt worse when would lie down. Initially I assumed it was just acid reflux- a very common problem; but that was only a symptom of what was at the root…

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