According to the Guinness Book of Records, Honey Badgers are stocky, robust and ferocious animals that are the “most fearless animal in the world”. It's most admirable traits are fearlessness and persistence.

Just how fearless are they?

If you were bitten by a cobra, its poisonous venom will melt your flesh and you will die. But not the honey badger, if he gets bitten; he just goes into a little badger coma, wakes up a few hours later and goes about his business. Not because of some natural immunity to cobra venom, but because of its thick tough skin.

So what has this got to do with you? Keep reading...

My front desk manager never received her high school diploma, she graduated but with a “special” diploma, but not a real diploma. Despite the fact that she was (and still is) a very talented artist, all through high school she was told by authority figures that she’s not college material and she might as well accept that fact.

After high school she found work cleaning houses and working at my gym part time to pay the bills. Every week we have staff meetings and that’s where she learned the importance of goal setting.

So on her 30th birthday she told me her goal was to get her GED so she could apply to college. At that age it is hard to go back to school, but she never wavered in her commitment to getting her diploma. The first time she took the exam she passed everything except the math part- she failed by 10 points.

But like the honey badger she didn’t give up. She continued to go to GED classes twice a week, doing homework and studying for the final exam. She took the test again and it was the math that did her in.

Still not discouraged, she took the test for a third time and failed the math section. By now many people would have given up- and many did, but not Kim. She's like the honey badger, she didn’t go into a coma; she got up and kept at it.

On her fourth attempt she finally passed and at 34 years old is enrolled in the local community college… and get this; she’s tutoring other students in math!

So the next time you run into an obstacle, instead of throwing in the towel, ask yourself; what would a Honey Badger do?

Or better yet think about what Kim and countless others like her do anytime they fail; dust yourself off and keep going.

And once you get your head on straight you will be truly unstoppable just like Kim and the Honey Badger!

honey badger